Restoration & Custom

Custom Work-$100 to $$.
CLEANING- $5 to $20 Per Pair
CLEARING MIDSOLE- $40 to $$ Per Pair. We are now attempting bottom sole yellowing!
GLUING- $20 to $$$ Per Pair
NUBUCK PAINTING- $5 to $$$ Per Pair
PAINTING- $5 to $$$ Per Pair. Average Midsole Repaint is $100 to $150.
RETROBRIGHT MIDSOLE INDOOR- $50 Per Pair Until We See Clear Results
STITCHING- $$ Depends on Condition
SOLE SWAP- $150 Minimum

Prices vary depending on amount of work. We try our best and do the best we can. All work is not guaranteed. Our work take a few weeks to a few months to finish. After finish date is announced, you will have 30 days to pick up the item or else ownership is forfeited to Jwongboutique. Click on pictures for a full detail look on previous work. PLEASE SEND PICTURES OF THE FLAWS AND A MAIN SHOT OF THE SHOES YOU WANT ME TO FIX VIA EMAIL OR TEXT TO STORE NUMBER FOR ANY QUOTES. WE ACCEPT PROJECTS FROM CUSTOMERS WHO FOLLOW OUR SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS THANK YOU!

Custom Work>
Inspired by clients dirt bike, we have made these custom air max 90 with the signature #38 and blue that he wanted.

Inspired by Banned 1s Bred, we made Banned 1s Royal-

At this time galaxy theme was super popular, so we made air force 1s like the foamposites and rookies.

This is one of our first custom ever inspired by paris dunks. These were made in 2013.
Cleaning 9/13/19

Glue Removal and Repainting-
photo copy

Gluing 3/5/18-

Gluing 11/28/15-

Heel Drag Fix-

Nubuck Painting Before & After-

Painting Before & After 10/14/18-

Painting Before & After 8/26/18-
Painting Before & After 6/30/18-

Retrobright (Indoor)-IMG_0077


Stitching Bred Yeezy 350s. 10/14/18-

Sole Swap-
IMG_6804 IMG_6803 IMG_6802 IMG_6801

92 thoughts on “Restoration & Custom

  1. I had a friend of mine try and black out the white midsole on my 2012 Retro Bred XI’s, it lasted for a day or two and now it just looks ugly, i want to know if you guys can restore it back to its natural white color

          1. i dont accept any restoration work now. you will have to wait until i update my status on facebook

  2. I have retro 3 pure Moneys (all white) that are cracked on the midsole in the back and sides on both shoes, i will email you pictures.

    I was also the person who purchased the retro 6s from you, get back too me soon.

  3. I have Boudreaux 7 that need to be repainted and glued and I also have a pair of 06 fire red 3 that need to be repainted ,cleaned and glued

  4. Hey JWong Boutique, I have a pair of Lightning 4s. They need to be repainted asap, the owner before had did a horrible paint job. Also, the nubuck or suede needs to be redyed. I need to know the price it would cost to do all this so I can walk into your store with the right amount of cash. Thanks.

  5. I have a pair of DS 1999 Bred 4s and a pair of DS 1999 White Cement 4s that are cracked. They both need a midsoleswap. I have donor midsoles for both already separated, they just need to be glued on.

  6. I have a pair of powder blue 9s with paint chip and cracks and creasing. How much will it be for a full repaint? and i need a sole swap how much will it cost? and do i provide a donor?

  7. Hi I would like to fix my Jordan’s 6 the soles are done and it needs painting how much for that and I need a 13s nuckbuck painted and soles painted please I need a price thanks

  8. Hey I would like to restore my bred 4’s there is paint cracking on the midsole, some scuff marks and the shoe is slightly dirty. I would like a midsole repaint, some touch ups on the scratches and a cleaning done on the upper and inside. What would be the cost? Also, where can I email you?

  9. A small piece of paint chipped off my gone fishing foamposite 1’s, would you be able to repaint it? They’re scales, but I don’t mind if they won’t be scales, I just want the chipped off paint to be the same green color as the rest.

  10. i have a pair of sweater 7s and the leather on one shoe got scuffed or peeled off slightly i was wondering can u guys fix that. i also have a pair of carmine 6s with some paint chipping off the heel and the fabric on the inside is slightly torn can u also fix any of that? plz get back to me, i have been looking for someone to restore it thank you.

      1. thats fine i understand and I’m not trying to get the work done now in the future yes of course i have them boxed away right now but i was just wondering if you guys do that type of work, just so i know where to go when need it.

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