Legit Check Guide, Fake VS Real

This is a guide to help compare between Fake and Real. There are a few pictures and descriptions that will assist you as a buyer or seller to find 100% authentic items. Please look at the pictures carefully and click on them for larger quality. I will also provide a list on the bottom of this page with a brief description of sellers and buyers who are known for selling fakes, use my photos, or flake for a meet up.

Fake- 2016 Yeezy 350 Beluga. Fake Beluga back tab is wider and the stripes also wider than authentic. The inside shoe size tag is a larger font on fakes. On fake insoles, it doesn’t have a dash in between YH0010 and the font is thinner. The size range doesn’t have .0 as the ending.

Fake- 2016 Yeezy 350 Beluga. Box always have the major flaws. With new Yeezy releases always try to buy the shoes with the box. The fake box for the Beluga has a darker shade than the authentic box. The font on the size tag box is wrong. The international box is the fake one. The man on the fake box is skinner than the authentic man, even though the head attaches. Inside the box didn’t have the bottom cover.

Real- 2016 Yeezy 350 V2 Copper. The font size on the authentic hang tag is thinner as pictured.

Fake and Real- 2016 Yeezy 350 V2 Copper. The back tab must have a flash picture taken in order to see the color of the material. The nylon on the fake(1st Picture) stays black while the authentic becomes purple black(2nd Picture).

Fake and Real- 2016 Yeezy 350 V2 Copper. The authentic box states Cblack and does not completely spell out Core Black. Fake pair boxes completely writes out Core Black.

Fake and Real- 2016 Yeezy 350 V2 Copper. Size tag inside the shoe states clearly 16 for the year on authentic pairs. Fake pairs have a blur 16.

Fake and Real- 2016 Yeezy 350 V2 Copper. The insoles on authentic has the print closer to the back of the insoles rather than the fake. The sizing in copper V2 should be only in whole sizes and not in half insole sizes.

Fake- 2015 Yeezy 750 Triple Black. The inside midsole has no indention on the fake pairs. The authentic pairs have clear indentions that you can see.
Image-8-1 Image-5 Image-7 Image-6-1

Fake- 2015 Yeezy 750 Triple Black. The insoles have no design and is thinner on the fake version. The authentic has design and are thicker. The size font is wrong on the fake pair which is the top insole in the picture. 



Fake- 2015 Yeezy 750 Triple Black. The fake pairs do not have the slant on the Y in the velcro strap. Authentic ones have a small slant on the Y.




Fake- 2015 Yeezy 750 Triple Black. The velcro is unevenly stitched. Authentic velcro is even from straight to bottom with the gap between velcro and zipper. 




Fake- 2015 Yeezy 750 Triple Black. The back stitching are not anywhere close to the stitching area to the authentic pair. The upper insert area is wrong groove. The fake pair is also taller.

Fake- 2015 Yeezy 750 Triple Black. The indention of the boost circles are too deep on the fake pair.image-4-1 image-3 image-1-1

Fake- 2015 Yeezy 750 Triple Black. I don’t have another pair of 2015 Yeezy 750 Triple Black to compare so I will use the chocolate 750. The size 9.5 is the triple black and the size 8 is the chocolate. First location to check is the box before the shoes. The font size on the sticker is wrong size and tilted. The head of the man logo should be connected on an authentic box. The box material is also different. The fake is smoother and have less in-depth circles.

image image-6 image-1 image-4image-5-2
Fake- 2016 Yeezy 350 V2 Copper. These Yeezy primeknit is so good its almost hard to tell. Its always the small details that give the shoe away between real and fake. This legit check guide is only for V2 coppers. Font size on the labels for the hang tag are suppose to be thinner on the authentic pairs, the fake pairs are thicker.

Fake- 2017 Supreme CDG Hooded Sweatshirt Black. Copies are getting better but please don’t get fooled. If the seller is too lazy or doesn’t want to give you detailed pictures, simply don’t buy from them. First picture is of the authentic box logo CDG print, notice any difference? The SHIRT on the box logo is thicker font on the fake version.

Fake- 2017 Supreme CDG Hooded Sweatshirt Black. The tags are easier to tell if its fake or not. Authentic tags are on top, as you can tell from the fake on the bottom, alignment is wrong and font size in the back is wrong. Authentic font is thinner than the fake version.

FAKE- 2014 Jordan Infrared VI. Here is a sample picture of a real and fake pair. They look almost identical. Take a picture of the VI without flash and if the 3M doesn’t shine as bright, its most likely not legit. We show a picture of a fake pair underneath. Also the fake pair has a sloppier glue job.

FAKE- 2014 Jordan Infrared VI. Never buy a new shoe without the box. It gives the new item a higher chance of fraudulence. The seller stated this new pair came in “replacement” box without shoe size sticker or stamp code. This increases the chance of your pair being fake.


FAKE- 2014 Jordan Infrared VI. These are super hard to spot. Production date is wrong. Fake dates are 5/14/14 to 6/10/14. Real dates are 6/11/14 to 7/10/14. This is a picture of an early release shoe size tag.

FAKE- 2004 Jordan VII Olympic. Take a look at the midsole carefully. The color for the gold and red are off.IMG_3636

FAKE- 2004 Jordan VII Olympic. Jordan Olympic VII did not come out 2006 but actually 2004. The bar code and date is not attached like they are on authentic Jordan’s in this era.IMG_3637

REAL- 2004 Jordan VII Olympic. Look at the authentic colorway.

FAKE- 2012 Jordan XI Bred. UPDATED 9/20/17. Fakes are getting so good its barely easy to spot as it use to be. Please pay close attention to detail as that’s whats going to help determine what is real or not. This box top is blurry on the XI which is a positive sign but the YOU MADE THEM ICONIC is misspelled to YOU MADE THEN ICONIC.

FAKE- 2012 Jordan XI Bred. UPDATED 9/20/17. The rip tag for the retail price is fully glued on, none of the retail pairs are like that. The whole shape of the top of the shoe is off, its too much of a box and less of a curve. The midsole foam glows in black light which the real doesnt.

FAKE- 2012 Jordan XI Bred. Shoes are becoming harder and harder to spot FAKES. At first glance, these 2012 Jordan XI Bred are hardly noticeable but the flaws will be shown. They were mainly not noticeable upon the shoe but the box has many flaws.IMG_3493

FAKE- 2012 Jordan XI Bred. 2012 Jordan XI Bred is missing the Nike sticker behind the box. IMG_3499

REAL- 2012 Jordan IX Doernbecher authentic has a Nike sticker behind the box. IMG_3498

FAKE- 2012 Jordan XI Bred font are blurry and wrong size compared to an authentic box.IMG_3501

REAL- 2012 Jordan IX Doernbecher authentic font and size.IMG_3500

FAKE- 2012 Jordan XI Bred price tag is blurry. Price tag is blurry in person.IMG_3503

REAL- 2012 Jordan IX Doernbecher price tag is clear. Price tag is clear in person.IMG_3505

FAKE- 2012 Jordan XI Bred. The carbon fiber is plastic and one of the squares is missing.IMG_3632

FAKE- 2012 Jordan XI Bred.Check the tongue, the Jordan sign is actually on the 4th hole. Authentic Bred XI are on the 3rd hole.IMG_3633

FAKE- 2012 Jordan XI Bred. This style of Jordan Bred XI did not come out 2008 but actually 2000 when the shoe size tag were in this style. The bar code and date is not attached like the way they are on authentic Jordan’s in this era.



REAL- 2012 Jordan XI Bred. Authentic Bred XI have the Jordan sign on the 3rd hole.IMG_3703

FAKE and Real- The men size sticker font is wrong on the size 8.5 and the size 14 is authentic for Bred XI. PLEASE CLICK THE PICTURE TO SEE DETAILS
photo 1
photo 2

Avoid these Buyers and Sellers-

Anbiamaulana and jumpingjackstore (Instagram)- asked for Supreme cap and never paid invoice. Then wanted to low ball for the cap new lower than retail for $30.

Bradley Torigny- 6 Old Gardner Road Westminster, Massachusetts 01473. Grailed scammer, leaves negative feedback for no reason at all. ID bradleytourigny. https://www.grailed.com/bradleytourigny

Dom Lombardo- Consigned a few items for him to sell and he never returned the unsold items or paid me out. Avoid him at all cost. https://www.facebook.com/dom.lombardo.98

Max Young- 422 page avenue Atlanata, Georgia 30307 maxyoung56@gmail.com. Grailed:Myoung827. Grailed scammer, purchases items on Grailed and claims it was not an authorized transaction.

Steve Paelo- 1219 83rd ave Oakland, CA 94621. Grailed scammer, doesn’t know the difference between real and fake stickers. ID raidersp85. https://www.grailed.com/Raidersp85/feedback

Vro_clothing (Instagram) and vropatrol (grailed)- lowballs so hard. ask me on grailed for an item for 50% off and then after being blocked on grailed, asked me on instagram for more discount.

Chriselliottfitness.co.uk- Uses my pictures from my website to sell fake yeezys. Do not trust sellers who do that.

Sole_Kickz- Scammer. Tries to ask you to gift payment or use wire transfer and then will never speak to you again. Do not send money without having an opportunity of getting it back. Email: gotsolekickzz@gmail.com Tel:786 629 8079

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    This is a legit page thumbs up

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    Here is a question. I have never seen a fake or replica above a size 13 before. I do not condone fakes/replicas. However I have always made sure to do my homework when purchasing outside of major retailers none the less. I recently purchased a pair of size 14 nike SB RESN dunks (guccis) for a great price. I was shocked tho when the same supplier restocked another size 14 of the same shoe 2 days later. Given that these released in ’09 and 14 is prob the hardest size to come by it made me 2nd guess my purchase. I can find nothing that would make me think they aren’t legit I can’t find anything on the net regarding replicas of this shoe much less in a size 14. I welcome any input on this… Thanks

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    Can i get the production date for AJ 6 black infrared 6 size 10.5 thanks

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